Get home access to SOLIDWORKS with a short-term license

Get home access to SOLIDWORKS with a short-term license

Most of us have had to quickly transform the way we work as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. In an instant, we have moved our activities from the workplace to the home office. And many people face a challenge getting a setup up and running at home. For those of you working in SolidWorks, there are a number of options for taking your license home with you – but Dassault Systèmes now offers a whole new solution.

A few days ago, we wrote a guide on a number of ways to take your SolidWorks or PDM license with you to work from home.

In this guide, we describe how to transfer your license to your PC depending on the license type, PDM system and access to VPN. See the options and our guide right here.

Can’t access your license from home? SOLIDWORKS offers an alternative

However, the options don’t offer an achievable solution for everyone. Maybe you don’t have access to VPN or maybe you don’t have a PC to take home with you from work.

Therefore, Dassault Systèmes, the company behind SolidWorks, is showing initiative in order to ensure that all users can get the software up and running in the home office. They are supplying a new  30-day, short-term license for SolidWorks that can be assigned to qualified users working for our customer companies.

This requires that you apply for such a license.

Might this be the right solution for you? Get in touch with our support and we’ll help you.

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