Update tips for SOLIDWORKS users dealing with design tables and Excel related functions

Are you using SOLIDWORKS and Microsoft Office in the same laptop, and you prefer to download the upgrades that Microsoft Office provides? If yes, then please continue reading.

SOLIDWORKS has a challenge related to using of its design tables, Excel based BOM charts and other Excel based functions. This issue occurs after upgrading Microsoft Office to version 16.0.12624.20382. This issue might also appear in versions 16.0.12624.20424 and 16.0.12624.20442.

Issue 1 – SOLIDWORKS hangs when editing and exiting from Design Table
Workaround: Use option “Edit table in new window” instead of option “Edit table”.

Issue 2 – SOLIDWORKS gives error “Select method of range class failed” when inserting Excel based BOM to SOLIDWORKS drawing.

Currently there is no known solution to this issue.

If you are not having any issues related to Excel based functions in SOLIDWORKS, please avoid upgrading Microsoft Office until the issue has been resolved. If Office updates are applied automatically, please contact your IT to disable automatic updates.