Working with SOLIDWORKS and Windows 1809 version update

Windows 1809 update has been released a while ago, and it has brought some difficulties for some SOLIDWORKS users. There are some cases where after the installation of Windows 1809 version SOLIDWORKS does not start properly. Instead, it crashes in the restart phase called “Initializing VBA Engine”.

The issue is related to Microsoft VBA components that also SOLIDWORKS utilizes, for example in Toolbox, macro and equation functions.

How to use SOLIDWORKS with Windows 1809 update:

If you have already installed the Windows 1809 update, the problem is fixed with uninstalling the VBA component called VBA 7.1.

The installation kit of the VBA 7.1 component, ends with “msi”, is located in the installation kit of SOLIDWORKS under ”Prereqs > VBA”. Normally the installation kit can be found under Documents folder -> SOLIDWORKS Downloads.

Right-click on the vba71.msi and choose “Uninstall”.

After removing the VBA 7.1 component, the SOLIDWORKS program starts. After removing the VBA 7.1 component, the following functions do not work anymore at SOLIDWORKS until the next update from SOLIDWORKS: Toolbox, macros and equations.

SOLIDWORKS is aware of this issue (SPR 1114376) and they are working with finding a permanent fix.


Niklas Johansson
User Success
PLM Group




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