Partner Products

SOLIDWORKS partner products gives you access to an extra set of tools for you to design even more innovative products. These add-ons will maximize the power of your SOLIDWORKS solutions.


Logopress for SOLIDWORKS is a design software that offers finite element analysis together with flattening capabilities. This software offers extreme simplicity of use and can be used by everybody within all mechanical fields.


MoldWorks allows engineers to generate complete 3D computer generated mold tool designs. Integrated with SOLIDWORKS, MoldWorks is the premier 3D solid-based mold design application that delivers innovative design tools for the injection molding industry.


FormatWorks provides an automatic, accurate and reliable translation for single parts or large complex assemblies into SOLIDWORKS. Reduce time and save money by re-using legacy instead of re-designing new parts.

Power Surfacing

Power Surfacing makes it easy to design complex free form aesthetically pleasing "Class A" surfaces in SOLIDWORKS. It’s a revolutionary list product that will fundamentally change the way that engineers and designers design parts in SOLIDWORKS.

QUANOS Catalog Creator

Quanos Catalog Creator generates both manual and fully automated 2D and 3D spare catalogs based on BOM lists from your existing ERP or PLM systems. Reduced time and cost associated with the production of spare parts catalogs now.

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