Nordic breakthrough for 3D printing in metals

3D METPRINT AB is the first Scandinavian company to invest in a 3D metal printer from PLM Group and 3D Systems.

The newly established Swedish consultancy and service bureau for Additive Manufacturing in metals will significantly improve the access for Nordic companies to utilize the groundbreaking technology.

The startup company 3D MetPrint AB in the Swedish town of Älmhult has invested in an advanced 3D Systems ProX 300 3D metal printer from PLM Group. The goal is to give Scandinavian and Baltic companies easy access to develop and use 3D-printed metal parts in both their products and production processes.

Using 3D MetPrint’s new metal printer and expertise, Nordic companies can rapidly develop and manufacture better and more innovative products with highly complex 3D shapes and structures.  These are often products which have previously been either impossible or very tedious and costly to produce using traditional manufacturing equipment.

Real_part3D MetPrint AB has developed its business plan in close cooperation with PLM Group giving customers access to both PLM Group’s and 3D Systems’ expertise in Additive Manufacturing.

“Together we are giving customers access to 3D MetPrint’s experience with solving practical manufacturing issues combined with PLM Group’s and 3D Systems’ expertise in Additive Manufacturing,” says Business Development Manager for Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing with PLM Group,” Tawfiq Shams.

Icebreaker for 3D metal printing

Tawfiq Shams explains: “The use of 3D metal printing is already widespread in major industrial countries like the US and Germany, but the acceptance of the technology has lagged behind in the Nordics. Now we see a rapidly growing interest in the technology from Nordic companies,” he points out and adds:


“Together with 3D MetPrint AB we have created the possibility to test and apply the benefits of Additive Manufacturing to their processes. It a great opportunity for all parts involved to help and educate different industries by giving access to the technology where they can learn about the advantages. Additive manufacturing can be best learned by trial and error activities. You must work with the technology in order to be able to exploit the benefits of it. We can also assist with the preparation of business cases for the decision-making process when they are planning to invest in Additive Manufacturing.”


3D metal printing creates new opportunities

CEO Erling Svensson, 3D MetPrint AB says: “Additive Manufacturing is a paradigm shift in the production of metal parts. The technology makes it possible to manufacture new types of products with innovative shapes and functions as well as substitute many of the manufacturing tasks that today are being done using conventional machines.”

He adds that electricity consumption for 3D printing in metal and can save up to 90 percent of the energy costs compared to conventional metal manufacturing processes which makes it much more environmental friendly:

“All in all, companies that understand how to exploit Additive Manufacturing will achieve a significant competitive edge over competitors that rely solely on traditional manufacturing processes,” he says.

3D metal printing can benefit all kinds of industries


With the new metal printer 3D MetPrint AB prints parts and assemblies based on STL files, which customers can simply generate from their 3D CAD models. It is possible to manufacture items which measures up to 250 x 250 x 330 mm. Initially the company aims to manufacture products in maraging steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Erling Svensson expects tools for sheet metal machining and injection molds for plastics to be among the first products manufactured by 3D MetPrint. At the same time he stresses that the company is completely open to cooperation with all kinds of companies that need 3D-printed parts and assemblies in metal.

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Silva Lill, CMO
PLM Group